We’ve capped attendance at our last 2 events at 200 diners. Realism came crashing down back in the Spring when we started running out of food and turning people away at the door.

Growing pains.

For the past 2 weeks we’ve been in heavy preparation mode, gathering dozens of ingredients for our moles as we’re bound and determined to stay as true as possible to the recipes in Diana Kennedy’s landmark cookbook “Oaxaca al Gusto” Expect Red Wattle Heritage Pork Braised In Banana Leaves, Black Beans Simmered With Epazote , Amaranth Greens Fried w/Green Onions, Arroz Guisada, Vegetarian Tamales, handmade corn tortillas, Cream Team’s Grand Champion Queso, Guacamole w/Fresh Totopos, Posole, and a world beating dessert from Diana Sanchez of Jack Allen’s Kitchen fame.

This is a cash/check event. We keep our prices low by eliminating cc processing fees.

A Keg of ice cold Saint Arnold’s Oktoberfest will be tapped and flowing.

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