In a city crowded with drop dead amazing pastry chefs there can be only one queen: Jack Allen Kitchen’s Diana Sanchez.

When we first started venturing out to the Y in Oak Hill to dine at Jack Allen’s we quickly figured out one thing; save room for dessert.

While the savory foods at Jack Gilmore’s restaurant are mindbending (the proteins all get a leisurely trip through a VW sized sous vide circulator,) it’s the desserts that keep us coming back.

Tennis ball sized chocolate bombes? Check.

Extraordinary cobblers stuffed with fruits harvested from Austin’s best orchards? Check.

Brownies that taste like Maida Heatter herself has been spirited into the kitchen? Check.

While we’re pretty proud of our dessert work at our pop up restaurants, we can’t hang with Dee Dee Sanchez when it comes to the flour and sugar game.

So we reached out through our industry channels, and inquired as to whether she’d be willing to come on board for our East Austin Oaxaca Project Pop Up, and help us amp up our game.

She was!

Come on out this Saturday and find out why we’re calling Diana Sanchez the best pastry chef in Austin, Texas.

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