¡Viva México!

With September 16th 2013 falling on a Monday this year, expect most Diez y Seis events to take place on Saturday the 14th. It’s no different than Halloween or any other major holiday; the Saturday nearest the actual date is the party day. The Mexican American Cultural Center is hosting a Mexican Independence Day party at their vast compound on River Street near downtown Austin on Saturday September 14th. The party starts at 7 pm with performances by Mariachi Corbetas, Ballet Folklorico Mexikayotl, Son Armado, and Leticia Rodriguez. No mention of food, but one imagines there will be some sort of sustenance for attendees. We were apprised that a Newark NJ car service will pick us up and drop us off at the venue.

Fiesta Gardens in East Austin will be hosting Fiesta Patrias Diez y Seis celebration on Saturday the 14 and Sunday the 15th. Food options include: hamburgers, Bar-B-Que brisket, hot spicy chicken wings, turkey legs and corn on the cob. Ram Herrera is the headlining act. Dogs are not welcome. Admission is $8

The Scrumptious Chef pop up restaurant crew swing back into action with their 12th food party. East Austin Oaxaca Project will feature foods cooked from Diana Kennedy’s landmark cookbook “Oaxaca al Gusto” Expect lots of moles, Red Wattle heritage pork, tamales, and a host of side dishes. Facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/231601060322589/


Update: Monday September 16 Parque Zaragoza will be hosting a Free Diez y Seis de Septiembre Neighborhood Fiesta. Live music, tortilla-making demo and plenty food to fuel the gamboling. 2608 Gonzales St

Now listen to Merle Haggard “Mexican Bands”

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