To this day, the best cheese pizza I ever ate was as a kid at a tiny restaurant in Barbourville, Kentucky. Mills Drive-In was the destination of many a family roadtrip from Redbrush, where our farm was established back in the 1800s. Rumor had it that the owners of the old hamburger stand cum pizza joint had migrated from New York City to open their restaurant which quickly saw land office business due to the fact that pizza was quite exotic to the Appalachian palate in those halcyon days.

There was no Pizza Hut or Dominoes to enthrall the hillbillies in those ancient times.

Of course I wanted to duplicate what I’d found so intriguing so I coaxed my best friend Mike McNew’s mom into buying me a Chef Boyardee pizza kit to try my luck as a young pizzaiola.

Saturday night, championship wrestling on the TV and a pizza kit baking away in the oven?

Absolutely delicious.

Modern Austin is awash in great pizza. Via 313 is racking up national awards on a seemingly weekly basis, and Bufalina is doing Franklin BBQ-esque crowds every single time they fling their doors open.

Nikki’s in Dobie Mall soldiers along quietly putting out absurdly cheap slices of cheese pizza that can stand up to the best mall pizza joints in the USA.

We’ve got it good in Austin, but I’d give anything to have a slice of that cheese pizza from the Mill’s Drive-In of my youth.

Bufalina review

Now get out there and visit Via 313, Bufalina or Nikki’s and celebrate this day in style.

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