The Scrumptious Chef crew wishes all Jews shana tovah u’metukah. Here’s a short and quick guide to help y’all celebrate Rosh Hashanah in high style.

We called Upper Crust where they informed us you can order a 3lb raisin challah for the absurdly cheap price of $13.05! This is one of our favorite bakeries in Austin, and we imagine their challah would be delicious. Sugar Mama’s down on south first street will not be participating in the holiday. Nor will Phoenicia Bakery on Burnet. Quack’s in Hyde Park is sitting this one out as is Bountiful Bakery in Westlake.

HEB Far West has all their normal offerings for Jewish diets with honey cake and raisin challah (1lb loafs for just south of $4.)

Walton’s Fancy and Staple’s ovens will not be churning out any Rosh Hashanah goodies.

Sweetish Hill Bakery will sell you a 1lb raisin challah for $3.50, straight out of the case.

Easy Tiger, home of the best baker in Austin Texas: David Norman, will not be baking any special treats for the holiday. We thought for a moment that their world-beating corned beef might be kosher but unfortunately we were informed that it is not.

After spending an hour on the phone calling around town one thing became clear: the Jewish diaspora in Austin, though strong, is not particularly well served in these parts. Most folks answering the phone at area bakeries had no idea what Rosh Hashanah is, and even after careful explanation, sounded ambivalent about the holiday.

Our mom brought challah baking to the Cumberland Mountains region of Eastern Kentucky way back in the 70s, and we’ve been hooked on the stuff ever since. We eat it year round although right around the holidays we do tend to amp up our consumption a bit.

Happy Rosh Hashanah y’all!

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