If you missed the big queso shootout at Mohawk recently, you missed an opportunity to try Cream Team’s Nathan Myhrvold-inspired concoction that won them the Grand Championship of the event.

Cream Team are the kings of Austin’s fluid, ever changing queso scene.

Maybe Texas Monthly should hire a queso editor? It’s surely the only food group in Austin that is as beloved as barbecue. What you probably do not know is that Paul C, one half of the award winning Cream Team, is also a crucial member of the Scrumptious Chef pop up cooking team.

When we started our pop up series 14 months ago we made one solemn vow: no matter what the theme of the menu, queso would always be an appetizer. Soul food pop up? Queso. Wild Game pop up? Queso. Oaxaca pop up? Queso.

Hot melted cheese with tons of chiles in it is our lifeblood and it’s your lifeblood too. That’s why we’re proudly serving Cream Team’s Grand Champion queso at our Oaxaca Pop Up.

Facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/231601060322589/

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