Good, bad, ugly…we don’t care. We’re here for you Austin, circumnavigating our little town’s blogging world til we scrape up the best 5 food blogs-every single week.

South Austin Foodie visited corporate chain restaurant Uncle Julio’s in downtown Austin “the bacon on the shrimps was a bit flabby” “The guac needed a little more acid and salt” and “the rice was rather bland” We’ll just keep on stuffing greenbacks into cash registers around town manned by local families and refrain from eating bad, chain, Mexican food.

For those of you who have not seen Jodi Bart eating a cronut step right this way La Patisserie

Can now die happy.

Say goodbye to Carlos n Charlies Way Out West Austin did just that

Bye bye restaurant that I ate at once in the past 16 years.

Virginia Wood shows signs of life with a spirited takedown of Ale House A buddy who eats out twice a day in Austin, 5 days a week reports that his experience was similar.

Ginny Bell has a monster roundup of Austin’s biggest food parties over the next two months Wine and Swine put out one of the greatest spreads we’ve ever, ever, had the pleasure of experiencing.

last week’s: The Best Austin Texas Food Blogs:La Patisserie, El Monumento, Shabu Hot Pot and Noodle Bar, Opie’s

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