The rich get richer.

The Texas Monthly 2013 BBQ Fest is a done deal. Sold out. The online crush for tickets resembled a Springsteen surge back when he was still a thing. We’ve got a call into Busy Bee, East Austin’s hardest working bookie, to see if he knows any scalpers but it looks like we’ll be sitting this one out. Josh Ozersky’s Meatopia held on the same day in neighboring San Antonio?

Crickets, a gentle breeze blowing, waves lapping at a pond’s grassy banks, a nap with golf on the TV and the a/c turned to low, a thick book on the birth of the interstate highway system.

Not much motion over that way.

Give it time. San Antonio is famous for showing up the day of whatever event is happening to get tickets at the gate. Meatopia is no different. When Ozersky clambered into the ring with the 900lb gorilla of Texas food letters he knew what he was in for. With the state’s top pit bosses all spoken for, Meatopia did the best they could with what they had to work with.

If there’s a next year for this event, we predict the avuncular promoter will not be so eager to clash with Texas top meat party. Lessons will be learned once the edge of northern aggression is dulled down yet again on the Texas broadsword of retribution.

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