Invaders from the north are gathering at our borders with refrigerator trucks filled with beef and steely knives at the ready.

Josh Ozersky’s Meatopia is coming to the Great State.

Northern aggression is nothing new in Texas. Way back in 1861, the following ordinance of dissolution was proposed by our state government:

“The recent developments in Federal affairs make it evident that the power of the Federal Government is sought to be made a weapon with which to strike down the interests and property of the people of Texas, and her sister slave-holding States, instead of permitting it to be, as was intended, our shield against outrage and aggression.”

Little did the author know that this “outrage and aggression” would still be on the dais in 2013.

We’ve defended Josh Ozersky in the past. although a goodly portion of his Texas barbecue theorem was “demonstrable horseshit”

Now, in a move straight out of General Ambrose Burnside’s war manual, Ozersky is preparing to bring his forces to Texas.

On the same weekend that Texas Monthly is throwing their barbecue festival.

Northern aggression.

Josh Ozersky vs Daniel Vaughn.

“I guarantee you, you can tell anyone this in Austin, Dallas or anywhere else, but there will never be a greater meat event in Texas than Meatopia Texas.” opening salvo fired by Ozersky.

Northern aggression.

Vote, as always, with your wallet.

Meatopia tickets

or Texas Monthly BBQ fest tickets

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