Violence on 6th Street. It’s part and parcel of the scene. While most of the shootings, stabbings and beatings occur east of Congress, West 6th Street is not immune.

News broke over the weekend of a savage assault caught on security cameras at The Ranch on West 6th. A patron had retired to the restroom, when 3 gentlemen kicked in the door and launched their attack. A group of females watched the beating then left with the assailants.

Our experience with The Ranch is confined to gazing from the patio of Dogwood across the street, while powering through bacon cheeseburgers topped with fried green tomatoes. The Ranch is normally empty or appears to be.

6th Street has gone native. Nightly fistfights, knifings, purse snatchings and assorted other crimes are the order of the evening. Once Lovejoy’s shuttered we had little reason to go to the region other than the occasional misty water colored trip to Hoek’s, still one of the best pizzerias in Austin.

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