Dodging bullets.

Wore a North Face jacket in May, gamboled in polyester long pants in June, basked in cool evening breezes in July. Which only means one thing. August will bring heavy penance to an Austin that has escaped the wrath of summer. With our town’s blogging community curled up watching 7th Heaven reruns on Hulu and eating drippy paletas from the icebox we had to search high and low for content but here are the best posts from this past week:

Our most important post is in the number 1 slot. Take a moment and make an impact for Austin’s urban farmers

Brand new restaurant Arro gets raked over the coals

Second Bar + Kitchen

Snow’s Barbecue from a writer who thinks Lexington is on the edge of the Piney Woods!


bonus: Eden East

last week’s edition: The Best Austin Texas Food Blogs: Micklethwait Craft Meats, La Cocina, Uchiko, Paula Deen, Qui

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