What the fuck has happened to Eater’s Austin outlet? Long gone are the days when the Wisconsin Fireball, Paula Forbes would put up a good 2 dozen posts a day (albeit hotlinks to off-site content but still…) After Forbes got kicked upstairs for a fat low 7 figure contract at national headquarters, the concern hired Andrea Grimes, a reproductive rights specialist from Dallas who somehow managed to turn her sage-like knowledge of lady parts into a star turn blogging about Paul Qui and Larry McGuire.

With the occasional post about Sonya Cote…

With Grimes departure we noted a dizzying array of editorial names attached to the robo-blogs the site is known for.

And the content has shriveled to almost nothing.

Where’s Grimes at when we need her most?

Pay the gal what she wants and put her back in the driver’s seat, Eater brain trust.

For all her faults, at least she took the job seriously, and hammered out a solid days work. Unlike the charlatans who’ve replaced her.

Take to the streets Austin! Rise as one and let’s get Grimes back!


help wanted http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2013/5/31/Eater-Austin-Is-Hiring-Get-Rich-Blogging-Or-Die-Trying

and for now, we’re all huddled up together at Scrumptious HQ listening to Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)

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