Way back in September of 2012, we began covering the Preston Joe Sharpnack murder saga. Mr Sharpnack stood accused of manslaughter in the killing of Matt Casey in the heart of Austin’s 6th Street entertainment district.

Casey was out for a night on the town when he was panhandled by Sharpnack and a young woman named Renee Allison Jones. Reports differed with some witnesses claiming that Jones took a swing at Casey and others claiming that Sharpnack threw the first punch. The result was that Matt Casey hit the pavement and died several days later in the hospital.

Sharpnack was tracked down via recognition technology used by detectives on the Facebook site.

This past Friday Preston Sharpnack pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Our original article

With this lede:

“It’s getting rougher by the minute.

Austin, Texas’ playground: 6th Street, has been a rough and tumble zone for decades with fights, brawls, stabbings and the occasional riot going on to make sure you step lively and watch your back whilst slamming back flaming Dr Pepper shots.”

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