Controversy rages over hamburger day. Food historians differ as to whether the day should be properly celebrated on May 28th, July 28th or December 21st. We’ll leave that debate to the egg heads and hit the kitchen where we keep a fat supply of Branch Ranch beef tucked away in the freezer. Here at the Scrumptious House in deep East Austin we regularly pen articles on the humble sandwich:

Origins Of The American Hamburger Part 1: Kaelin’s Of Louisville Kentucky the tiny Kaelin’s offered a spirited argument as to being the inventor of the cheeseburger.

A jaw-droppingly bad burger at an Austin icon

Rural Texas hamburger…from a food cart

and the time our hamburger editor RL Reeves Jr almost got thrown in jail over a hamburger

that aforementioned burger is sizzling in an ancient Wagner Ware pan in the kitchen. It’s time to feast. Happy Hamburger Day Austin.

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