Aspiring and working barbecue writers, bloggers and editors would do well to peer below, and then, chimp-like imitate the work of Lisa X.

We read lots of articles on smoked meat and the men behind the pits (laughably called pitmasters regardless of their level of proficiency) but only once in a great while does a piece cause our ears to perk up.

Like this one.

Otherwise, the doldrums of summer finally capsized the Austin food blogging boat. Little motion but we still managed to dig up 6 gems. Submitted for your approval. An Inside Look at Micklethwait Craft Meats from Full And Content link

MJ And Hungry Man have a bizarre-schizophrenic, hybrid meal of Italian and Mexican at La Cocina in Round Rock link hilarity ensues.

Jake Camozzi is tired of the bullshit link

Forks Up Blog visits Uchiko link

Virginia Wood in her now classic rectal cranial inversion technique speaks on Paula Deen

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