Ginny Bell visits Mettle, the new East Austin restaurant from Rainey Street tigress Bridget Dunlap

Hilah has some balls. The Youtube cook visits Ranch 616 to check out chef Kevin Williamson’s chicken fried steak technique then offers her own rendition it takes a pair to take on the Texas classic. Mike Galante serves up the complete bullshit claim that Red Rabbit Bakery is “hands down the best doughnut shop in Austin.” Red Rabbit is fine, we shelled out almost 3 bucks for one of their vegan donuts at Hot Mama’s last year.


Mrs. Johnson’s on Airport has been the best donut source in Austin for over 50 years. People who claim otherwise have either never eaten there or have severely impaired taste buds.

Crucial. Strict maple syrup constructionist Jody Bart Holzband offers a guide on where to find the precious nectar in Austin. This post is a couple weeks old but is salient, beyond measure to our Scrumptious crew

Reliable. Hardworking. Consistent. South Austin Foodie. Spin Modern Thai


Typically excellent report: Lambert’s Barbecue

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