Amarillo, Texas native Terry Funk turns 69 years old today.

Every family has its black sheep and the Funks are no different; Billy Bob Thornton is Terry’s cousin. We’re not holding that against the man however. You don’t pick your kin. Growing up enthralled by the Apter pro wrestling magazines back in the 80s meant we had a steady diet of the exploits of the Funk clan out of west Texas.

Terry made his pro-wrestling debut on December 9, 1965 against Sputnik Monroe in Amarillo. 10 years later he took the strap off world champ Jack Brisco in Miami, Florida. He would wear the NWA championship belt for just over a year before being beaten by a surging young upstart named Harley Race.

We were just little sprouts when Funk was stabbed in Corpus Christi. His heel persona almost got the best of him via a sharp blade and an enraged fan. Take the mic Funk.

“Corpus Christi is where I got stuck with a knife in the neck. Fortunately, it wasn’t that big a blade. It went all the way into the hilt and I thought it was a dart or something, so I left it in. When I got to the back and saw it was a knife my eyes got as big as saucers when I realized what it was and that someone had tried to kill me.”

Just another day at the office for the badman from West Texas.

Funk’s semi-retired now. At 69 years old the game has just about broke him down. He sold his famous Double Cross Ranch (which was on the market for 2 million dollars) and only wrestles once in a blue moon now.

Apparently a blue moon will be hovering over San Antonio on August 4th this year as Funk is booked in a match vs Mil Mascaras! Mascaras is 71 years old, Funk’s 69.

We know where we’ll be come August. Let’s just pray it’ll be a bunkhouse match. Picture Mascaras running for his life in a cowboy outfit down a San Antonio street with Funk and a dozen other wrestlers in hot pursuit!

Happy birthday Terry Funk.

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