Sunday June 23rd at Scholz Beer Garden an all-day benefit is being held to defray medical costs of long-time Driskill Hotel barman Sean O’Byrne.

The pot has been sweetened by John Mueller Meat Co.

The old pit boss is offering 2 internships to the winners of a silent auction to be held at the affair.

No details are offered on what this opportunity might hold, but we imagine it would involve getting up at 1am in the morning and being ready for a good long tilt of building fires, seasoning meats, and learning how to turn out the best brisket in Travis County, Texas.


Learn how to build a good lipper filled with Copenhagen, the proper methodology of Bud Lite tippling, how to attack people on Twitter, and the most effective way to tell patrons how to shut their mouths.

Mueller’s one of the best when it comes to all of the above; naysaysers be damned.

field report

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