Earlier today, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples announced a multi-pronged attack on our state’s rampant wild boar hog problem.

Staples is offering 30k in moneys to counties via Texas brand new County Hog Abatement Matching Program.

Texas counties must “team up” in pairs of two, establish a feral hog fighting fund and Texas Department of Agriculture will match all moneys up to 30k. Staples is no neophyte when it comes to battling these creatures. Way back in 2010 he dreamed up the “Hog Out Challenge” wherein an October to December hog killing contest was established.

Sutton County out in west Texas won the 2012 prize which was 20k.

There are nearly 3 million wild boar hogs rampaging across Texas as we speak. The creatures are absolutely ruthless, destroying crops and preying on goats, baby deer and other smaller mammals.

We have a deep and abiding hatred of these beasts. Their proper place is on a supper table, not tearing up a corn field out in Goliad County.

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