Way back in the Paleo era of 2006, Jarod Neece and Justin Bankston hooked up with Mando Rayo over their combined idolatry of tacos. Their website: Taco Journalism, has been one of the best food blogs in Austin ever since.

Now Rayo and Neece are going into the book writing business with their tome “Austin Breakfast Tacos” coming out next month.

You know there will be a hell of a taco party to launch this work into the upper level of Amazon sales.

The handsome book cover was shot by Joel Salcido.

Update: book is now available for pre-order http://www.bookpeople.com/book/9781626190498

7 incredible Bacon, Egg and Cheese breakfast taco joints http://chowpapi.com/wordpress/wordpress-2.8.6/wordpress/category/the-state-of-bacon-egg-and-cheese-breakfast-tacos-in-austin-texas/

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