The Nerdy Foodie visited Micklethwait Craft Meats “We ordered a half pound of brisket, 3 pork spare ribs, a side of jalapeno cheddar grits, cole slaw, a pork belly sausage, and a homemade Moon Pie.” maybe Tom Micklethwait can raise the grits consciousness of Austin. We’ve featured this southern classic at a few pop up restaurants and gave up after having to explain to each patron what a grit is. South Austin Foodie visited Patrizi’s + Umami Mia Pizzeria “Our tasting started off with a perfectly dressed Italian salad, and some antipasti, which included garlic cloves, confited in olive oil, white anchovies, a giardineria puree, and some tasty bread”

When in Austin sat down with the lady who owns Drink Well American Pub. One of the best burgers in Austin is vended from their tiny kitchen

Margaret Christine of Maggie’s Farm partied the night away at Lustre Pearl: “Now filthy with pub, grub, hipsters, the occasional aging frat boy, rush hour captives, live music, and irony, Rainey Street is one kicking little area. And Lustre Pearl was the place that started it all.”

Jesse Johns of Food and Flame has the scoop on Mettle, the new restaurant from Bridget Dunlap

Bonus post: the fawning, sycophantic coverage of Paul Qui reached a crescendo at robo-blogger Eater Austin last week

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