Is there anyway we can get an Austin American Statesman vs Texas Monthly lumberjack match.

Mike Leggett vs Daniel Vaughn with the staff of each surrounding the ring with old leather belts in hand?

Austin ain’t Amarillo by a long shot but we could probably get a Funk to come down and do the promoting for the match. Steve Stack on the mic?

Susie Ellwood as referee?

There was a dust up this weekend when Mike Leggett posted an article on the Austin daily’s website complaining about having to wait in line at Louie Mueller’s up in Taylor recently.

Apparently there is a Texas Monthly BBQ bus, and it had descended on the old school smokehouse, and caused a line as the work crew hustled to get all the city folk fed their allotment of smoked meats.

Leggett wasn’t having it.

“I drove over 60 miles one way from my house in Burnet, waited an hour and 20 minutes to get food and paid $77 for a pound of brisket, one beef rib, 4 sausage links and a small potato salad. And I couldn’t drink beer because I had to drive home.”

Of course he could just sack up and drink and drive like the rest of us.

He goes on to opine that “this high can’t last forever guys” speaking on barbecue’s surge in popularity.

And he’s right. This too will pass. Another food craze will come along and lifers like Leggett will be able to stroll right up to the counter of their favorite joint with nary a fear of a picture taking “barbecue hipster” clouding their head.

And about that dust up. Twitter went buck wild with Leggett under a heavy backlash for his column. Most of the complainants had apparently never read any of the man’s work. Which is some fine outdoors writing. There are a handful of Statesman scribes keeping the daily relevant. Leggett’s one of the best.

Mike Leggett was gnawing on beef chuck ribs in tar-paper shacks when most of the modern barbecue experts were still suckling on their mama’s teats so he can say whatever the Hell he wants.

He’s earned our respect.

His piece

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