The Land Of The Sleeping Giant is set to be the battleground for Texas barbecue bragging rights. Stubb’s, the one-time Lubbock-based barbecue outfit, has invaded China, and is set to go toe to toe with Bubba’s Texas-style Bar-B-Que and Saloon. Stubb’s historical roots go all the way back to 1968 when Christopher Stubblefield opened a blues and barbecue joint out in Lubbock, Texas. It became famous via a series of legendary Sunday night jams that saw every bluesman east of Los Angeles take the stage after powering through a plate of Stubblefield’s smoked brisket.

Nowadays Stubb’s has fallen on hard times. It may be President Barack Obama’s favorite Austin barbecue restaurant, but hereabouts it’s mainly the punchline for jokes by barbecue writers and bloggers. There is a distinct creosote flavor to the smoked meats that is objectionable to put it mildly. We attended a function earlier this year that featured a massive spread of Stubb’s BBQ. It was not edible.

Bubba’s Texas-style Bar-B-Que and Saloon was opened in Shanghai by Austin, Texas native Ken Walker in 2006, and has mushroomed to 3 locations stretching across the city.

Stubb’s Asia ltd is led by Greh Walther, formerly of Brinker International of Chili’s Grill and Bar fame.

Here’s a review for Bubba’s

No need to harvest a review for Stubb’s. We know all too well what their “barbecue” tastes like.

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