Are you fluent in Paul Qui? Do you speak Sonya Cote? Is Larry McGuire your second tongue? Then you may well be able to turn blogging into cold hard cash over at the Eater Austin website.

They’re hiring.

In a help wanted ad posted earlier this week, Eater Austin implored local writers to “go the extra mile (and) include a pitch or two.”

We haven’t heard a peep out of Dale Rice since he left the Statesman a few years back. Dale, if you’re reading, this might be your chance to step back into the spotlight. Dale. Dale!

Could Virginia Wood be ready to leave her cushy lair at the Chronicle and step onto the main stage?

Maybe Rob Balon is ready to make a break? If he breathes a word about a restaurant in Austin, Eater’s there with a hotlink to this man’s vital journalism.

Start blogging for cash right now.


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