Smitty’s Barbecue down in Lockhart, Texas went around the bend years ago. What used to be one of the best sources of smoked meat in the Great State, now regularly churns out barbecue that wouldn’t be in the top 5 of any decent-sized American city.

Omaha has better brisket than Smitty’s? It would not surprise us. Which begs the question: Why in the world did Smitty’s get “A Nod To The Honorable Mentions” in the 2013 Barbecue issue? In the url of that article it even reads “more of the best barbecue in Texas.”

In the first proper smokehouse review on the revamped Texas Monthly BBQ site. Editor Daniel Vaughn eviscerates the old timey restaurant.

“The ribs could have been steamed for all the smokiness they provided,”

“These slices (brisket) just stretched and stretched, like the waistband on an old pair of boxers.”

“This was easily the worst piece of brisket that I’d eaten in Lockhart”

What’s honorable about that?

Smitty’s is godawful and John Fullilove clearly needs to go back to pit boss school, so how in the world does meat so terrible get you an inclusion on any honorable mention list?

Texas Monthly dropped the ball on 5 of the best smokehouses in the Great State that deserved placement in that highly anticipated top 50 list. We detail them here

and read Vaughn’s piledriver review of Smitty’s

“more of the best barbecue in Texas?”


honorable mentions right this way

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