Day One: Tornado Shark from Lone Pint Brewery in Magnolia Texas

Day two: Hans Pils from Real Ale in Blanco, Texas

Day three: Tornado Shark from Lone Pint Brewery in Magnolia, Texas

Over on the always-excellent You Stay Hoppy Austin beer blog, we just read about an intriguing craft beer challenge. Put simply, the June State Beer Challenge requests that you drink the local beer of whatever state you’re currently imbibing in.

Tilting back a longneck in Montana? Then make sure it’s local.

Quaffing a pint in Kentucky? Please be respectful of the Bluegrass state’s brewers and only drink their beer. We’ve never had it so good in Texas. New breweries are popping up on a monthly basis. Lakeway, the tony enclave west of Austin has a craft brewery now for God’s sake. Infamous is putting out a cream ale and an ipa to add to the milieu of central Texas beer.

Austin is the epicenter of the craft beer scene in Texas. We can now drink pure Texas beer that’s as good as 99% of the beers on earth. The Trappist monks don’t have anything to worry about but we have served notice to the non-monks of the world.

read the article on Stay Hoppy Austin

Lots of good Texas craft beer resources over that way.

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