Will Austin’s Taco Zine set the stage for the comeback of the zine form? Back in the 90s everybody had a zine. There were fried chicken zines, rollerderby zines, satanism zines, dockhand zines, kickboxing zines…you name it. If you had access to a Kinkos and a little creativity you probably had a zine.

Hey Hey Buffet and Twistworthy were two of our favorite Austin zines from days of yore.

Zines were the forebears to the blogs of today.

Now Austin has a brand new entrant in the faded category: Taco Zine. Print media. Quaint? We’re withholding judgement til we can get our hands on one. In a call for entries a few months ago the editors asked for “poems, drawings, comics, photos, reviews, rants, raves, haikus, coloring pictures, madlibs, recipes, short fiction stories, short non-fiction stories – ANYTHING LOOSELY RELATED TO TACOS.”

Tomorrow (May 23rd 2013) night Taco Zine is throwing a release party at Tamale House East with live bands, djs and of course hundreds of tacos and plenty ice cold beer to wash them down.

9pm: Chase Frank

10 pm: Gender Infinity

11 pm: Basketball Shorts

DJ Rewinderrr

Maybe we’ll dig up a few copies of our old Voice of God zine and bring them down to show these young’uns how it’s supposed to be done.

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