Tonight, Micklethwait Craft Meats will be at the Daniel Vaughn book signing party at BookPeople on North Lamar with a trailer load of free barbecue for attendees.

BookPeople plays hardball so be aware that if you bring a pirated copy of Prophets of Smoked Meat on their property, a few of their rangy book sellers will drag you out back and give you a good old fashioned Texas dry-gulching. It won’t be pretty.

Micklethwait made headlines around the USA as their fanbase rose as one when the little East Austin food trailer got left off the brand new Texas Monthly BBQ top 50 list. They needn’t have worried. 5 of the best barbecue shacks we’ve ever broken a saltine in got left off ( too.

It’s the nature of list-making.

Info on tonight’s affair

Saint Arnold Brewing Company will be on site as well if you’d like to attempt a kegstand.

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