That was a wild one. This weekly round-up of the finest Austin food blogs has been a real pleasure. This week’s edition could’ve been a top 20 as our town’s writers swung into overdrive with dozens of high quality posts. Spring fever? We’re not sure.

Consistently one of the best, most frequently updated Austin food blogs: South Austin Foodie calls it straight down the middle. Big Austin food wrap-up right here link

We love Ginny Bell! She recently visited Teji’s, a brand new Indian joint on UT’s drag. (update, Ginny’s blog is defunct)

We have a gold standard fried baloney sandwich recipe that sends eaters into pleasure convulsions, but Foie Gras Hotdog may have one-upped us link

Eater’s Austin division reports on WuWu Sushi link

and of course Virginia “fangirl” Wood loves Stubb’s Barbecue. Read her rhapsody here link

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