When we were conceptualizing this blog 5 years ago, we volleyed a lot of ideas back and forth. One of the earliest renditions, which got voted out, was a website devoted to crime and food. RL loved the idea, everybody else hated it.

It got voted down.

But every now and again, we’ll author an article about the death and destruction that surrounds our fair city on a daily basis. Like this one link

In which a team of killers lured 2 men to their death in Williamson County.

The lede: Justice was dispensed yesterday in Williamson County. How many times has that sentence been written? Thousands.

Down a dark, county road northeast of Austin on April 17th of 2010 an ambush was set. Three thugs: Bobby Burks Jr, Veronica Evonne Ortiz, and Isabel Michelle Gonzales had hatched a plan to send the women into an Austin nightclub, choose a victim, lure him into the county, and rob him.
As these plans often do, the robbery turned into a murder.

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