Austin will be awakening from a drunken, craft beer-induced stupor come Monday morning wondering what in the hell just happened.

Nightly bacchanals have been thrown across the city as our town’s bars all clamored for a finite drinking dollar. We celebrated, as is our custom, on the front porch.

Day 5 looks especially promising. Whip In, down on southbound I-35, is tapping a cask of Lupulus, a hoppy Belgian Tripel, from Independence Brewing at 420 pm. The man on the phone wasn’t sure if it would be 3-4 dollars. Either way. 1950 Hwy 35 S

Grab a six pack of Fireman #4 for $6.99 at E.1st Grocery 1811 E. Cesar Chavez and hit Micklethwait Craft Meats for their 5 month anniversary party 1309 Rosewood Ave

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