The hue and cry of Smitty’s in Lockhart, Texas being left off the Texas Monthly Top 50 is baffling.

If you eat with your eyes then yes, the old smokehouse would be in the number one position. There is none finer. But the meat is routinely tough, underseasoned and rushed off the pit before it even approaches being servable.

Dodging the big fire on the floor in the meat room is easily the best part of the experience at Smitty’s. But, there are a handful of smoked meat houses that did not make the list that belong. Here’s our top 5:

R&G Barbecue in McMahan, Texas (pop.125) When they build that Texas Barbecue Hall Of Fame, old pit boss Roy Jeffrey might well be the statue on top of the building. Our review

Davis Grocery in Taylor, Texas. Unbelievably delicious meats off the pit of the good reverend whom God himself instructed to become a pit boss!

Prause Market in La Grange Texas. Monroe Schubert has been on the pit for over 40 years. Bone-in brisket!

Micklethwait Craft Meats. Young Tom Micklethwait is putting out world beating sausage and brisket from an old beat up food trailer a few blocks from the East Austin ghetto. He’s so good he got banned from Chowhound

Davila’s Barbecue in Seguin, Texas. Ancient barbecue parlor putting out buttery soft brisket and some of the best sausage in Texas. Criminal exclusion.

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