We’ve been celebrating Craft Beer Week on the front porch on a nightly basis of late. Electric Wizard good and loud, fresh kettle of chili on the stovetop, plenty Anderson’s Coffee to help us power through the malaise. It’s been a lot of fun. But, most folks like the camaraderie of drinking in taverns and pubs so we’ve been hard at work finding the best beer events in Austin every single day. Plenty dogs, flat panel TVs, nigh onto 300 beers on tap and via the bottle-plenty reasons to hang out at BB Rovers up on Jollyville Road in NW Austin. Tonight they’re shaking out a cask of Live Oak Liberation IPA, dry hopped for your discerning palate 12171 Jollyville Rd. Austin TX

Whatever you do, DO NOT EAT THE PIZZA. With that caveat in place; Pinthouse Pizza up on Burnet is hosting Josh Hare of Hops n Grain who’s going mad scientist style for this event. Hare’s bringing a bunch of french press coffee makers as well as truck load of fresh hops to do tableside beer pressings. He’ll be plunging dank, resinous hops through his Zoe brew via these contraptions to create the freshest-hopped beers in Austin tonight. Sounds intriguing. 4729 Burnet Road.

Full Texas craft beer coverage http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/Austin-Craft-Beer

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