Weathered old pit boss Larry McGuire’s Lambert’s Barbecue’s inclusion on the Texas Monthly BBQ Top 50 list comes as a surprise to no one.

The little smoke shack down on Guadalupe is the destination of barbecue pilgrims from around the globe, and you’ll find McGuire down there 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, doing what he does best: quietly tending the fires, reading old Louis L’amour novels and wallowing an old cud of Redman around amidst the ruined pegs of what were once perfect teeth. Til he gave his life to smoking meat.

He’s a lifer.

We’ll try to catch up with the old ranch hand later this week to get his thoughts on his little tar paper shack’s placement among the finest barbecue joints on earth.

He’ll just be out back, sitting on an old Live Oak stump, drinking a can of Pearl beer and hollering BY CRACKIE! at passersby, many of whom mistake him for a crusty old prospector that’s come down from the Guadalupe Mountains.

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