This daily post has involved way more work than we bargained for. Yes, there are a lot of bars in Austin trying to make money off craft beer; trouble is, most of them are cocktail bars that saw a trend and swooped in to see if they could line their coffers off the work of the brewmasters as well as distillers.

Tried and true, genuine craft beer bars are scarce as hen’s teeth around these parts.

With that being said, we did manage to locate a couple good beer parties for y’all.

Down at Craft Pride you won’t find any booze unless it’s in a flask in somebody’s hip pocket, but you will find a fresh keg of Austin Beerworks Heisenberg Kristalweizen. Grab a 20oz pint and walk out back and get a plate of Schnitzel off the Bacon food truck parked in the courtyard. 61 Rainey.

Meanwhile, all the college kids will be crowding into Hopfields near the UT campus to quaff big glasses of dry hopped Lost Gold IPA from Real Ale. No booze, no rules, run in there and let your devil dogs run free and tell em Scrumptious sent ya! 3110 Guadalupe.

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