We’ve been on a Vietnamese jag of late. This used to mean multiple trips to Tam Deli and Baguette House, but nowadays we content ourselves with hitting the test kitchen to develop formulae for our recipe binder.

After the runaway success of our Vietnamese Collard Greens article, we realized that we needed to be cooking and writing about more southeast Asia cuisine.

Enter the Vietnamese Bison meatloaf: Ingredients

2 lbs bison, ground

¼ c. fish sauce, Red Boat brand

2 T. Soy Sauce, Bourbon Barrel Brands is very fine

4 bunches onions, green, minced

1 T. pepper, white

8 each Jalapenos, chopped

1 bunch cilantro, chopped

3 each eggs

1 Six ounce bag pork skins, crushed

1/3 c. Sriracha sauce


* In large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients except crushed pork skins

* mix lightly

* sprinkle ¾ powdered pork skins over meat mixture, reserve ¼

* combine with meat

* turn meat mixture out into greased loaf pan, form loaf

* paint top of loaf with Sriracha sauce

* garnish with reserved pork skins

* roast at 300 degrees for 40 minutes

Voila! We have a standardized, old school meatloaf recipe that would do Betty Crocker proud, and it will not be retired anytime soon, but this new formula is pure Asian gold

cooking notes:

fried pork skins are used for their binding ability, you could use bread crumbs if you’re Muslim, Jewish or not into pigs

Sriracha sauce is far superior to the more traditional ketchup used in most meatloaf recipes

No salt is needed in this recipe as the fish sauce and soy sauce contain plenty sodium

Don’t have access to bison? You may use ground chuck in its stead

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