After an exhaustive morning calling a bunch of “craft beer” bars who were blissfully unaware of any sort of American Craft Beer Week promotion, we finally managed to wrangle a special to help fuel y’alls celebrations.

At Dog n Duck Pub, the venerable west Capital drinking institution all Austin craft beer pints range from $3-$3.50 tonight. We’re still recuperating from the shell shocking we took at their powerhouse Aussie music night a few years ago when the Saints and HooDoo Gurus levelled the joint, so we’ll probably sit this one out. Given the prime hunk of land the bar sits on, we’re predicting the bulldozers will be revving up soon enough, so get by while you can. 406 w.17th st.

And that’s about it.

With an imprimatur of only featuring non-liquor serving bars that are featuring Texas-only draft beer that wraps today’s edition up.

Back with more tomorrow.

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