It starts today.

American Craft Beer Week is going off all over Austin as our town’s explosive craft beer scene is celebrated nightly in bars and taverns across town.

Watch out for all the drunks on fixies around 2am each night.

Really, really missing Lovejoys right now. We’ll cherry-pick the best 2 events for each night on a daily basis. No, we’re not going to include any quasi-craft beer joints. To wit: if you sell booze you’re a liquor joint, and not a craft beer bar. If you have multiple locations outside Austin you’re a chain, not a mom n pop, and you will not be included.

We drink Texas beer, and spend our money in small, independent beer bars.

1) Help the metal heads at Craft Pride usher in the age of darkness as they kick off Metal Mondays. Fresh keg of Black Metal from the heshers of Jester King and the musical stylings of Tia Carrera on the patio. 61 Rainey Street.

2) $3 pints of all 512 Brewing Company pints at Whip In. That’s just giving them away. Let’s hope they have a spare shopping cart they can use to wheel us out of there tonight. 1950 S. Interstate 35

Probably left a few off but we’ll resume this feature tomorrow.

American Craft Beer Week runs May 13-19 2013.

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