Leaving the Houston Press for a rumored low 7 figure contract with Houstonia was a no brainer for Katharine Shilcutt, Texas’ preeminent woman of food letters.

But with her departure comes an intriguing job opportunity for somebody who can author 300+ food articles per annum-without breaking a sweat.

We never get to Houston unless it’s in the dead of night on our way to New Orleans, yet Shilcutt’s prose was always so tightly wound that we read her anyway. The list of food writers we read daily is a short one, and Shilcutt was on it.

Over here in the food writing desert known as Austin we’re lucky to get 1 restaurant review per quarter out of our daily, and the Chronicle? Dust blowing in the desert wind.

Looking to pull stumps and head over to Houston to get to writing? http://blogs.houstonpress.com/eating/2013/05/food_criticblogger_opening_at.php

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