Sallie’s Down Home Cooking was one of the few places in Austin where you could get a big plastic tumbler filled with green Kool-Aid to wash down your fried chicken and collards. I was doing a little spring cleaning this past weekend when I stumbled upon this Polaroid photo I took for my food/punk rock zine “Voice of God.”

Back in the 90s, I’d run around Austin for a couple weeks taking Polaroids and writing articles (in longhand) about fried chicken parlors, steak buffets, and places to get dollar beers and watch Bad Livers-then spend a few hours at the Kinkos downtown, pasting up a master copy to xerox and hand out at FringeWare on the Drag.

Zines were kind of like blogs. Factsheet 5 was kind of like Google and, oh never mind. Those were different times.

Sallie Foster ran her old soul food kitchen out of what is now East Side Pies for almost a decade prior to hitting the big time, and moving way out 12th st. east past the old Catfish Station. Back then she had the finest fried chicken in Austin, and that green Kool-Aid was really something special.

Sallie Foster eventually shuttered her fried chicken joint and opened a prepared meal service that subsequently closed as well.

E.12th Kafe is now open in the old Sallie’s Down Home Cooking. They are vending chitlins, hog maws and collard greens

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