1831. That was the year that enchiladas were first mentioned in print in Mexico. The book was a landmark in Mexican cuisine titled: “El Cocinero Mexicano” (The Mexican Cook.)

There is no author credit but it was published by Mariano Galván Rivera.

Of course many Texas eaters consider enchiladas to be the epitome of Tex Mex with no roots in old-school Mexican cuisine. They would be wrong. In Austin, there are countless enchilada parlors dotting the cityscape, but we generally prefer the versions coming out of our own test kitchen. To celebrate National Enchilada Day we offer these formulae:

Authentic Tex Mex Part 6: How To Make Stacked Smoked Brisket Enchiladas http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2010/11/8/Authentic-Tex-Mex-Part-6-Stacked-Smoked-Brisket-Enchiladas

Authentic Tex Mex Part Twelve: Wild Boar Enchiladas w/ Chile Arbol Sauce http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/7/21/Authentic-Tex-Mex-Part-Twelve-Wild-Boar-Enchiladas-w-Chile-Arbol-Sauce

Authentic Tex Mex Part Seventeen: Smoked Alligator Enchiladas With Roasted Hatch Chiles http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2012/9/3/Authentic-Tex-Mex-Part-Seventeen-Smoked-Alligator-Enchiladas-With-Roasted-Hatch-Chiles

Smoked Salmon Enchiladas in Chile Verde Sauce http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2010/5/1/Smoked-Salmon-Enchiladas-in-Chile-Verde-Sauce

and let us never forget the time Sylvia Casares, Houston’s enchilada queen was gunned down http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2012/5/16/Gunned-DownHoustons-Enchilada-Queen-Sylvia-Casares-To-Return-To-Work-At-Sylvias-Enchilada-Kitchen

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