Free lunch? How else can you explain it.

Doug Guller’s ATX Brands scored a major coup when they landed 3 noted breastaurant experts: Putative feminist, Eater Austin’s Andrea Grimes, Statesman food and movie critic Matthew Odam, and Chronicle fangirl Virginia B Wood as celebrity judges for the inaugural Trailer Truck Off.

We predict bosoms will be a-heaving over at the historic Scoot Inn, as 3 cooks all compete to see who will emerge victorious from this showdown.

The prize? A 6 month contract to shepherd the Zorro food truck into certain (and mammoth) profitability, then, we predict, a wave bye bye to the business the winner built.

We’re 4th wave feminists here at Scrumptious Chef (Cindy,Rl,Rhonda,Chuck,Ron and Jen) and never did understand the whole breastaurant gimmick, but to each his/her own.

Attending today’s event? We’ll be sitting on the front porch listening to Bikini Kill but would love to get a field report.

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