When we lived down in South Austin, Sam’s Town Point saw a bunch of our beer money vanish into their coffers. It’s a friendly, little neighborhood dive bar that’s been around for a solid coon’s age.

Old timers would show up with crockpots filled with chili, and like as not a wandering musician would get up on the stage. Saw the Gourds, and affiliate members there plenty times.

This Tuesday, April 30th Sam’s is hosting a Willie Nelson Birthday party and pot luck.

Who knows; you might get lucky, and ol Willie himself might show up.

Brand new Scrumptious Chef Pop Up restaurant (hamburgers, cheeseburgers and a full blast of American history) http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2013/4/30/Origins-Of-The-American-Hamburger-Part-1-Kaelins-Of-Louisville-Kentucky

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