Back to the fray. Our current workload is right at a metric ton so surveying the length and breadth of Austin’s in-the-red, food-blogging scene is nearly impossible. We did manage to garner a few gems from a cursory analysis of the local blogosphere: The gals over at the red hot Bitch Beer blog visited Real Ale for the 17th anniversary party over in Blanco

Margaret Christine waxes poetic on Earth Day…and veggies

Way Out West Austin tackles the red meat special at Little Woodrow’s

We lost interest in Parkside when they leveraged the city of Austin into giving the Best Wurst sausage cart the boot from their nearby roost. South Austin Foodie issues an update

Corporate blogger Andrea Grimes over at Lockhart Steele’s Eater Austin franchise takes a break from their 24/7 Paul Qui coverage to author an article on a parking lot burger party at Hops n Grain

last week’s edition Pretty Thai For A White Guy, Daruma Ramen, Hipster Pitmasters

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