When your eaters come in giant waves you have to be locked and loaded in the kitchen. At our most recent pop up restaurant event we prepared a mammoth batch of Johnson’s Backyard Garden organic sweet potatoes in hopes of being able to feed the crowd.

Mission accomplished.

This was the recipe that was the most requested as the event wore on. Folks repeatedly walked up to the counter proclaiming that they “normally don’t like sweet potatoes” then begged for the formula. It’s an easy one. Of course, most folks don’t start the family meal with 35lbs of sweet potatoes but this was no normal affair.

Need to feed a giant crowd of hungry people for your next backyard party? We got you covered.

Recipe: Sweet Potato Mash With Texas Sorghum Molasses


35 lbs sweet potatoes

5 lbs butter,unsalted

2 quarts cream, heavy

16 fl. oz, sorghum molasses, we use Anderle Farm from Mt. Olive Texas

1/4 c. salt, the good stuff


* wash and peel sweet potatoes

* boil or steam til tender

* drain and place in large bowl

* add salt

* add sorghum molasses

* add butter and cream

* mash thoroughly, we use a fancy, dual level masher that has large holes on the bottom with a piston connecting a second level that has small holes-but use what you got

Voila! This recipe will feed approximately 150 people

One imagines it could be scaled down for normal households

Bon Appetit y’all

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