Saturday April 13th 2013, Tamale House East hosted a wild brawl of chile-based cuisine that saw the bloggers behind Foie Gras Hotdog emerge victorious once the dust had settled.

The Scrumptious Chef crew had sent out invites to a host of notorious salsa cooks to see if they’d be willing to show and prove at our Smiling Tiger pop up restaurant event.

They were.

Four Seasons Austin came on board as a sponsor and offered dinner for two at their Trio restaurant, where Chef Grant Macdonald is putting out some of the best chow this town has ever seen.

We flung the venue’s doors open at 7pm, and a massive crowd of eaters surged into the dining hall to feast on totopos from El Milagro garnished with a dozen different varieties of some of the best salsa I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.

The braintrust in the kitchen at Swift’s Attic: Matt Clouser and Zack Northcutt brought their A game along with Jake Camozzi of Leave Me The Oink, Margaret Christine of Notes From Maggie’s Farm, Ryan Adams of Nose To Tail At Home, David Holtzman of Art Institute of Austin and a host of other seasoned hot sauce veterans.

When the smoke cleared, and all the votes were tallied Ryan and Julie of Foie Gras Hotdog had shown their Texas bona fides in a big way; their witches brew of a concoction had sufficiently blown enough minds to be deemed the finest of all entries.

Congratulations to the winners and enjoy your fancy supper at Four Seasons y’all.

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