How did Texas finish in the 51st slot when there are only 50 states? Because Washington, DC was included in the survey that determined what states exhibited the most dedication to the locavore movement.

The locavore index uses “census and U.S. Department of Agriculture data, along with a per capita comparison of farmers’ markets, consumer supported agriculture operations (CSAs) and food hubs in ranking the states.” I have to admit it’s really hard to forego the dirt cheap plenitude of Fiesta Mart when it’s time to stock the larder with green vegetables and meat. Anybody who’s bought boutique farm goodies from Central Texas’ top purveyors can tell you that sustainable, delicious proteins and crucifers command top dollar on the local market.

Here are the rankings. Texas has got some catching up to do y’all.

1. Vermont

2. Maine

3. New Hampshire

4. North Dakota

5. Iowa

6. Montana

7. Oregon

8. Wyoming

9. Wisconsin

10. Idaho

11. Rhode Island

12. Massachusetts

13. Hawaii

14. South Dakota

15. Connecticut

16. Minnesota

17. Alaska

18. Kentucky

19. Colorado

20. Nebraska

21. Washington

22. Michigan

23. West Virginia

24. District of Columbia

25. New York

26. Kansas

27. New Mexico

28. Virginia

29. Maryland

30. Delaware

31. North Carolina

32. Pennsylvania

33. Indiana

34. Missouri

35. Alabama

36. Ohio

37. South Carolina

38. Arkansas

39. Illinois

40. Tennessee

41. Mississippi

42. California

43. Georgia

44. Utah

45. Oklahoma

46. New Jersey

47. Nevada

48. Arizona

49. Louisiana

50. Florida

51. Texas

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