Marianna Peeler is running a tight ship down in Floresville, Texas. When we began ruminating on what the backbone of our latest pop up restaurant would be we didn’t have to think for long. Sustainable, pasture raised, free range chicken-the kind you could’ve put your mouth on in the Texas of the 1800s, before factory farming saw a few mega-concerns institute a crude, hegemony on what we all got on our dinner plates.

This ain’t that Tyson chicken you bought at HEB.

We ran by Salt n Time the other night to pick up a bird to throw on the smoker for a few hours. After a lengthy congress with hickory smoke the chicken was absolutely sublime.

Rhode Island Reds, Araucana, and Cuckoo Marans are all treated like treasured family members on Peeler’s verdant pastures down in Wilson County.

If they’re good enough for chefs like John Besh and Matt Clouser we reckon they’re good enough for us.

We’ll be giving these hens a sweet ride through our sous vide circulators before crisping them up under the Tamale House East broilers. And we’ll have plenty eggs on hand to give a variety of treatments to as well.

Smiling Tiger Restaurant Pop Up #10

Farm To Turntable

Sat April 13th


Tamale House East

Peeler Farms Chicken

Ramen w/ noodles fr. Sun Noodle Co (noodle maker of the stars)

Johnsons Backyard Garden produce

Mill King Dairy

Anderle Farms sorghum

Antonelli’s Cheese

Easy Tiger Bread

Wagyu Beef fr. Heartbrand in Yoakum

Keg of pale ale fr. Independence

2 djs spinning Texas vinyl

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