Afrika Bambaataa was busy so we had to think fast. We got word to Eric Static that we needed a dj for the Smiling Tiger pop up restaurant we booked at Tamale House East, and he came through in a big way.

John Wesley Coleman will be spinning pure Texas vinyl along with Eric Static at the biggest Spring feast East Austin has ever seen.

If eating big plates of chow whilst listening to Doug Sahm, Ernest Tubb and Willie Nelson is amenable to you then come on out.

Here’s a bio of the men who will be manning the turntables on Saturday April 13th at 7pm: If a division of the KISS Army ever got lost in the Texas plains and had to feed on their pack mules and cacti while McMansions were built around them, unbeknownst to them, and their growing flock of course, well, John Wesley Coleman III would be the offspring that challenged the dirty lieutenant and brought them out of the darkness.

Nobody is sure if the JWCIII was born with a guitar in his hand, or clutching a Charlie Pride 45 or whistling the Walker Texas Ranger theme song, but as season by season has melted by in our two-seasoned state, Coleman has collected quite a few feathers for his headdress as a rock and roll Chief – band member, DJ, video producer, poet, grill master, oven master, and he has a dog called TopoChico.

Coleman has been collecting vinyl records since before he can remember, plus stole a lot of 45s from his dad, and as an unabashed party primer, has spun said records for the masses, and the mass-less, getting boots and booties shuffling at after-hours parties following whatever the Austin night entailed, even after his own shows with The Golden Boys or as the John Wesley Coleman III band with that sexy rhythm section and those other dudes that show up from time to time.

Eric Static was born in El Paso, TX, and after he was born had the chance to DJ a midget wrestling show at Stubbs’ Waller Creek Theater. Static (under a different DJ monicker at the time) got paid well at that show, then decided to start a few bands, most recently Followed By Static, and hasn’t really been paid that well since.

He has a dog named Pig.

Both Coleman and Static are food enthusiasts. They’ve eaten together lots, sometimes while listening to records. Wes and the rest of The Golden Boys were featured on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. Eric Static has a lot of pictures on his phone of food he made. Once, the two discussed making a Youtube food show. So far they have stuck to making and playing records and live jams.

Smiling Tiger Restaurant Pop Up #10

Sat April 13th

Tamale House East


Keg of Independence Pale Ale


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