Texas’ only Basque gastronomic society recently held Txoko Number 12 in an ongoing series of food orgies held quarterly in the Austin metro area. A few notes on the food and wine enjoyed by the gastronomes present Upon entry: F. Ricart Cava Brut

Wakame Salad w/ Ajitama Bone dry Riesling
P. Sparr Riesling

Yakitori chicken w/ Riesling
Undone Riesling

Pingpong balls of doom – Foie
Gras wrapped in sushi rice,
panko, deep-fried Spatlese / Alsace
Graf Urz-Wurz
Spatlese 2006 –

Leek and Bacon Tart Bordeaux Blanc
Ch. Jacquet Blanc

Surryano Ham and Idiazabal
Cheese stuffed Popovers
w/Pinot Noir /
Bordeaux / Cab
Racines de la
Terres Bordeaux

Brown Butter Ice Cream with
Walnut Brittle and Candied
Martinez Lacuesta
Vermouth Reserve

Tunnel of fudge cake Texas Port Lite
Dry Comal Creek
Port Lite 2009

Plus numerous bottles of vermouth & port and the occasional beer like the RU-55 from Jester King.

previously http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/Txoko-A-Basque-Tradition

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